Titomic is the world’s leading provider of cold spray solutions, revolutionising manufacturing across various industries, including aerospace, defence, and energy. Unlike traditional manufacturing processes, Titomic’s technology utilises a unique cold spray method to create near-net-shapes directly from powder. This innovative approach significantly reduces waste and material costs, making it an efficient and sustainable option.

One of the primary benefits of Titomic’s technology is its ability to manufacture stronger, lighter parts from metals such as titanium and Inconel at industry-leading speeds. Additionally, it allows the utilisation of multiple metals in a single part, leveraging the strengths of various metals simultaneously. This capability is exclusive to Titomic’s cold spray technology.

In the realm of additive manufacturing, Titomic’s solutions are used to create high-performance components such as ballistics shielding, propulsion systems, and pressure vessels. These components are essential in industries where durability, strength, and performance are critical.

Titomic also excels in repair and maintenance, particularly in Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) and BDR applications. Their technology can combine dissimilar metals, such as aluminium onto steel, offering versatile and cost-effective MRO solutions. It has proven its effectiveness within the aerospace and automotive sector, where reliability and precision are paramount.

The no-heat method of repair is a significant advantage, allowing for the maintenance of heat-sensitive substrates without damage. Furthermore, Titomic’s technology enables in-situ repairs without the need for disassembly, drastically reducing downtime and improving efficiency. This makes Titomic’s cold spray solutions an invaluable asset for industries requiring quick and reliable maintenance.