VOVU Machining is a supplier and partner to the world’s leading companies in the segments:

  • Defense
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Hightech

We serve these markets together with our 60 employees from Uden. Our core activities are automated precision machining (turning & milling), assembly and Grade 4 cleaning. Materials range from aluminium, stainless steel to high-end materials & plastics.



Our NPI team carefully prepares the production of your precision parts; no matter how complex or critical your final product is. Even fixtures and clamps for your part are in-house developed and produced so we can optimize and control the entire process.


After careful preparation, our machines and systems are programmed, using the most modern software. After some functional tests, an initial production follows and after the FAI process, your product is ready for “repeat-exactly” production.


After preparation and production, we are able to produce your product in both high and low volumes without human intervention. That means easy scaling up and constant responsiveness to your needs.

Our portfolio ranges from the production of individual parts to complex, “turnkey” (sub)assemblies.

Our customer base includes top-tier OEM’s


  • High quality and automated operations
  • Repeat-exactly’ production
  • Assembly
  • Grade 4 cleaning and packaging