Bayards Aluminium Solutions is a global leading design & contract manufacturing partner for large-scale, high-precision aluminium equipment and structures. The Bayards Group has existed since 1963.

We design, engineer, manufacture, assemble, install and maintain innovative & sustainable aluminium solutions for customers worldwide across various advanced technology industries, specialising in defence.

By blending our innovative engineering approach, deep expertise in aluminium, superior craftsmanship, state-of-the-art machine park (range > 15 metres), and cutting-edge technologies like Friction Stir Welding, we assist our customers with their most challenging projects.

Examples of our projects include but are not limited to: Monocoque Structures (e.g., Fennek), Command & IT Containers/Shelters, Domes, Turrets, Floating Bridges, Bridge Girders, Drone Containers, Docking Stations, Platforms, and Decompression Tanks.

Summarising, for large and complex aluminium solutions within Land, Naval, Space and Air, ask Bayards.