DeltaQuad B.V. is a pioneering aerospace company specializing in the development and production of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Located in Duivendrecht, Netherlands, DeltaQuad focuses on advanced aerial solutions for commercial and governmental uses, including surveillance, security, and mapping applications.


Products and Services:

DeltaQuad offers a range of high-performance UAVs designed to meet the specific requirements of diverse clients. These drones are distinguished by their autonomy, high-resolution imaging capabilities, and robustness, ensuring reliability across various operational scenarios. Key products include drones equipped for detailed surveillance and environmental monitoring, which are operational straight out of the box with minimal setup.

Key Features:

Autonomy: DeltaQuad UAVs can execute missions autonomously, minimizing the need for continuous human intervention and enhancing operational efficiency.

Advanced Sensors: Integrated with cutting-edge sensors, the drones deliver precise, high-quality imaging suitable for a range of applications from security surveillance to geographical mapping.

Rapid Deployment: The VTOL capability enables quick launch and landing in varied environments, eliminating the need for a runway and allowing flexible operation in constrained areas.

Cost Efficiency: Compared to manned aircraft, DeltaQuad’s UAVs are cost-effective, requiring lower maintenance and operational expenditure, making them an economical choice for sustained use.

Mission and Vision:

DeltaQuad is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of UAV technology to enhance safety and operational efficacy for its clients. With a commitment to innovation and quality, DeltaQuad aims to lead in the UAV industry by continuously improving its technologies and expanding its market presence, ensuring scalable and effective solutions for global security and surveillance challenges.