AMST Group is a worldwide leader in solutions for flight simulation, aircrew training and aeromedical applications. Since 1982, AMST prepares aircrew for extreme situations to make flying safer. Comprising of the business units Aerospace Medicine, Civil Aviation and Visual Systems, the group of private companies strives to provide its customers with industry-leading solutions that lift training capabilities to the next level.


AMST’s philosophy is best summed up by our slogan “Building Confidence”. We give our customers the confidence that they can always rely on us. As a fair and flexible partner, we listen to customer needs to deliver practical and future-proof solutions for their problems in the expected timeframe. We understand that safety, quality, highest availability and excellent support are the most important factors for customers’ confidence in our training solutions.

AMST has a wealth of experience with human factors, training, simulation and engineering. We are happy to share that knowledge with our customers through our outstanding training solutions. Since 1982, AMST’s highly skilled and dedicated personnel breaks new grounds in the simulation market.

The evolution of AMST technology never stops. We invest a significant percentage of our annual revenue in research and development. It is a key factor of our success that we constantly innovate with new solutions and improve the safety, reliability, availability, maintainability and the design of our products. Customers can be confident that AMST delivers state-of-the-art technology that exceeds expectations and current industry standards.

Our customer-centric approach combined with our vast experience and our innovative power give you confidence. You can always be confident that with AMST, you have found the best partner for delivering first-class training