Navtrain International is the Dutch naval training and consultancy company, who provides its services to maritime organisations, such as navies, coast guards, shipyards as well as related defence industry. Our services are built on four pillars:

  1. Training

We offer our services to any organisation, in need of professional crew readiness training, e.g. when taking newly delivered vessels into service. We also provide this to shipyards as part of their delivery package.

Our training curriculum:

  • Crew Readiness Training
  • Team training & command team training
  • Firefighting & Damage control, Machinery Breakdown drills
  • Air Control, Flight Deck Officer, Flight Deck Crew
  • Boarding Operations & Force Protection
  1. Consultancy

Our consultancy services cover a wide package, e.g. CONOPS-development, naval systems and equipment, maritime operations, fleet management and support in acquisition trajectories. In addition we have expertise in setting up training and simulation facilities.

  1. The Maritime Warfare Course (MWC)

Navtrain’s Maritime Warfare Course (MWC) offers a range of modules, educating and training naval OPS-room-teams. The curriculum comprises Tactical modules, Operational Planning Modules and an Amphibious module. The courses are given at Navtrain’s premises in The Netherlands, where we make use of a state of the art tactical gaming simulator. In addition, there is a train-the-trainer programme and transfer-of-knowhow programme available, to facilitate the MWC locally at customer’s premises.

  1. Personnel outsourcing

Navtrain has a wide network and outsources former navy personnel to any organisation that is in need of a specific expertise.