Kuyer Metaal: a high-end metal working company


At Kuyer we commit ourselves to delivering the highest possible quality in the field of metal engineering. We are innovative, flexible and quality-conscious and we work with high-end partners in mechanical engineering and the industrial field. We specialize ourselves in certified work. Our production site is more than 8.000 square metres, with over 80 employees.

Our services
We deliver on customer specs and machines in measurements from 10 to 6000 milimeters. Our skillful employees are experts in one-off, small and large-scale productions. We operate in the Netherlands (70%), in Germany (20%) and in Belgium (10%). Because of our continuous innovation we are a preferred partner for companies that demand high-end quality and pioneering.

Our clients
We create an environment of cocreation with our clients. Our highly trained staff is equipped to adapt to each challenge and find a solution that fits your standards. Our clients are state of the art, for example: Rheinmetall, Defenture, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, Weber Hydraulik and Dutch Railways.

We offer strict and high-quality guarantees, with our certifications as proof. We carry out some certifications as one of the few in the Netherlands. We follow ISO9001 and EN1090 and work according to the welding standards of (Dutch) Defense (ISO3843 and DIN2303) and Rail (ISO3834 and EN15085). Our work also complies with the American welding norm ASME.

Quality in our processes
We add all applicable standards into our ERP-system, so every employee has the right information to work with. Our quality manager oversees the entire process and does regular internal audits on both project- and process level. This approach results in a reject rate of only 1.4%.

All our employees follow (re)training frequently to maintain their skills. Every employee of the welding shop is certified.


  • DIN 2303
  • EN1 5085
  • ISO 3834
  • ISO 9001
  • NEN-EN 1090
  • Re-calibration materials
  • Accrediteer training company