Zeusch Aviation is a Dutch aviation company. With our fleet we provide Aerial Surveillance, Grid Mapping, Broadcast Relay services, Medevac (medical evacuation) / Transplant flights, and Charter.

Our fleet contains 2 Beechcraft King Air B200 and 2 King Air C90A. Our hangars are suitable for parking & (ground) maintenance of aircraft and helicopter.
Our home base is Lelystad Airport (EHLE).

We provide
Surveillance Flights: In support of a variety of authorized missions of organizations like the Military, Law enforcement and other observers of activities on the land and water.

Grid Mapping: For maintaining, and publishing the geospatial baseline of an area’s topography, natural landscape, built environment. Our missionized aircraft is a platform for accurate data collection for detailed map creation.
Relay Service: The aircraft collects data and images which are sent to broadcast centers.

Medevac & Transplant Flights: Transport patients to clinical centers of excellence at some distance, or even between different countries. Transplant flights requires timely pick-up and delivery to prevent deterioration.

Our aircraft are equipped with LifePort / Enflite system with 1 stretcher, monitor connections and two (2) seats for medical staff.

Hangar service: Our 5 hangars at Lelystad Airport are suitable for parking and (ground) maintenance of both Aircraft and Helicopter. Short- and Long term.