Production is as good as the Tooling is !!


Lamers Tooling bv provides their costumers with the right tooling to get their goals achieved. It begins at the start, is the design suitable for production, is it makeable. Redesign, if needed and if possible can reduce production costs and failures.

Lamers Tooling bv was founded in 1960 by P. Lamers Sr. and has been specialised in tooling generally and mold making in particular. Besides mold making and dies we produce special parts from different kinds of solid material.

Our experience since the 70-ties, skilled employers and modern machinery make this possible.

Lamers Tooling bv has a long tern focus. After Jos Lamers took it over in 1990, 2 years ago the 3th generation (Jarle Lamers) joined the team and runs the engineering and production.

Since 2010 we design and produce moulds for DSM Dyneema® (para-) military helmets. One of the reasons to join the NIDV as a new member.

Looking forward in new cooperation’s and challenges.

Certifications: ISO 9001:2015