AEC Air Support BV and Skyline Aviation BV are subsidiaries of the AEC Skyline Holding. Our team has a very extensive background within various civil and military organizations and uses a expanded network of specialists and companies. Our objective is to fully integrate into your missions; from the planning process, during implementation up to the de-briefing.


Air Support is based in Bosschenhoofd and operates from Breda International Airport. It is also possible to operate from locations in the area of your missions. We provide support in operational conditions and during training sessions including Airborne Sensing and Military Training Support. Skyline Aviation, our sister company, supplies the aircraft we use.

  • Airborne Sensing
    Our multi-purpose platforms can be equipped with different sensors. As a result, several versatile applications are conceivable such as: Military Support, Surveillance, Infrastructure Inspection and many more. For several missions, we use video imagery from the latest generation of sensors. If your mission requires ‘real-time’ imagery, we can provide the communication and a ground station if required.
  • Military Training Support
    Our team has experience in and extensive knowledge about nowadays missions in various areas. With our service, we can therefore be fully integrated into your operation from the planning process onwards. There are several platforms available to support your missions: Joint Fires, Advanced Close Air Support. We also offer you a platform with the latest generation of sensors.


The head office of Skyline Aviation is located in Bosschenhoofd and we operate from our home base at Groningen Airport Eelde. We offer custom-made solutions for electronic warfare training, CAS training, target towing and radar calibration. If required we can provide Videodownlink services.

In the last 25 years we have built a widespread network of relevant partners within the aerospace and military industries, allowing us to offer you a wide range of excellent total solutions. Our team can operate, stand alone or within the structure of an operation or exercise with our platforms; Learjet 36 and L-39. We deliver professional, reliable and cost-effective air operations. View all our services directly: on the service page

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