Founded as a company in 1991, AEC Skyline offers state-of-the-art tactical data and training services that are aimed at the air, land and naval domains. Under contract with the Netherlands MoD and the United States Air Forces in Europe, we have a proven track record of over 30 years of succesfully providing fast air support to a wide range of customers.

In addition, AEC Skyline is serving various armed and security forces by delivering customised ISR support while at the same time providing them with a growing number of advanced, best in class critical data solutions to choose from. This results in our company nowadays supporting a wide-ranging series of ambitious digitisation efforts by the Netherlands and other countries’ militaries and public safety agencies, all aimed at enabling the succesful conduct of true intel driven operations.

While our company’s focus is on the evolving needs of today’s and tomorrow’s warfighter, AEC Skyline’s customers also include some of the Netherlands’ renowned domestic research institutes as well as various actors in the defence & aerospace industry.

Contract Air

Operating out of Groningen Airport Eelde, Breda Airport and our forward operating location in Zweibrücken, Germany, AEC Skyline’s full scope of aerial services encompasses:

  • Close Air Support
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Adversary Training
  • Target Towing
  • Remote Sensing
  • Calibration & Testing.

We Got Your Data Covered

Part of AEC Skyline’s critical data solutions division, our comprehensive C4ISR products and services portfolio includes:

  • Systems Integration
  • Communications & Networks
  • Data & Analysis
  • Consultancy
  • Secure Roaming Services, the latter as part of our Whisper brand.

AEC Skyline can also rely on a widespread, global network of business partners in the defence & aerospace industry, many partners of which we represent in the Netherlands.

In short, AEC Skyline provides “bang for the buck” by delivering professional, realistic and cost-effective support to armed forces at any stage during operations, exercises and training. View all our products and services directly at our website.