Compusult Europe B.V. established in 2019 is a subsidiary of Compusult Limited, Canada.  Based in The Hague, Compusult Europe B.V. provides governmental, non-governmental and corporate organisations with access to Compusult’s unique expertise in geospatial software engineering.

We supply enterprise-level solutions to organisations such as the United States National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, Canadian Department of National Defence, Natural Resources Canada, and the United States Geological Survey. Compusult’s flagship geospatial product – Web Enterprise Suite (WES) – has played a key role in meeting the continual demands of supplying vast amounts of geospatial information to their users.

WES is a comprehensive geoportal solution, which provides end-to-end system providing geospatial interoperability, publishing, data discovery, data management, data access, data analysis, user management and collaboration: all within a secure, industry-standard environment. Designed to rapidly integrate new functionality, provide connectivity from legacy or heritage systems, and meet new internationally-based standards, WES manages spatial and non-spatial datasets for your whole enterprise, as well as enabling the visualisation of the information on a map through the user’s web-browser. Organisations can use WES as a stand-alone product and/or integrated with other specialist geospatial products.

Compusult is a diversified information technology company with over 36 years of experience in geospatial software, custom-software development, hardware and consulting services to government, military, business, technical and scientific sectors.

Key products and services:

  • Geospatial Data Discovery and Management Systems
  • Mobile Applications/Services
  • Asset & Item Tracking / Inventory Control
  • Custom and Commercial Software and Electronics

Platform NIVP