RHEA Group B.V. based in the Netherlands has two offices located close to some of our clients at ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) and the Galileo Reference Centre. For nearly 30 years our staff have been working in the space, security and system engineering sectors, contributing to the development of, and providing solutions to, the most complex systems and missions.

Our staff deliver the highest quality in secure design, development, testing, roll-out, training, operations and maintenance for business-critical systems.

Our concurrent design and engineering experts use a powerful design methodology for the early stages of projects that involve multiple engineering and business disciplines, supported by RHEA’s Concurrent Design Platform (CDP4®) software. The concurrent design and engineering approach significantly reduces both the cost and duration of feasibility studies, and minimize overall risk early in a project’s lifecycle. RHEA extends on these benefits by integrating security-by-design into the Concurrent design and engineering making sure that also security and cyber security requirements are taken into account from the early design stage. We work with, and provide solutions to complex systems, such as spacecraft design, ship building and food manufacturing, as well as defence programmes.

Our security products and solutions provide clients with a holistic approach to cybersecurity. We can develop complete cyber resilient programmes, protect clients against cyber-attacks, build and support security operations centres and services and deliver cyber-range capabilities for cyber-attack preparation, testing and training. We also offer effective continuity and disaster recovery planning to help organizations survive an emergency and get back to work quickly.

One of the key areas of our space sector offering is providing secure and efficient satellite ground segment solutions, including increased levels of automation through our MOIS tool, cloud based and as-as-service solutions. Leading to a cheaper more agile and flexible solution that can be used in test, operations preparation and real mission operations, simplifying over all the satellite ground segment and the mission operations..

RHEA Group B.V. is part of RHEA Group, an international company that employs nearly 600 staff. Our clients include: ESA, EUMETSAT, AIRBUS, OHB, GSA, EC, national space agencies, national defence ministries, Astroscale, NorthStar, etc. Our technical knowledge base combined with the practical experience of our engineers ensures we deliver the highest level of expertise for every project. Our approach is always customer centric, delivering the best solutions and services to our clients.