Pon is a company operating globally and in many markets. We are the number one car importer in the Netherlands, with a strong position in the States. We find ourselves in the top 5 of bicycle manufacturers and are well established in the world of marine solutions, excavation, energy supply, flow control (valves and circuit breakers) and industry services.

We are one of the leaders in mobility in the Netherlands. Four million Dutch cyclists use a Pon bicycle daily. Two million people drive a car imported by us. 130,000 people use our mobility service cards every day. More than 100,000 people use a Swapfiets, and on average 100,000 Dutch travelers use our smart mobility solutions.
We move millions of people, every day. As a mobility expert and market leader, Pon is a great sparring partner for customers and partners. Together we work on the development of sustainable and carbon neutral solutions for the transport of people and goods. From electric bicycles to electric excavators. From connected-car-solutions to mobility service cards and green shipping.

As a family business, we invest continuously in new, sustainable mobility solutions and technical innovations. Pon uses an approach that goes back to their early beginnings: no-nonsense, well-thought-out, pragmatic – with the objective to put ideas into practice as fast as possible.
We move you to a better world.

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