Policy Research Corporation is an independent management consultant, specialized in complex strategic, organizational and policy issues; not only in studying these issues, but also in solving and implementing them.

Policy Research mainly operates on the cutting edge of public and private. Analyses rely increasingly on solid supported research, so that they are transparent and verifiable, and the discussion can be conducted based on facts. In combination with tracking an open and clear process approach, our research projects are influential: acknowledged analyses and many proposals are implemented.

Clients of Policy Research are CEO’s, board of directors and management of ministries, semi-public organisations and businesses. Through the various projects in the field of Defense, Security and Cyber security for the Dutch government and private clients Policy Research has acquired deep and extensive knowledge and ideas about relevant developments and issues concerning cyber security, partnerships between businesses and the military (e.g. efficient maintenance of (weapon)systems), and other strategic and organisational issues.

Policy Research works according to the highest quality standards and has a quality system certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Insurance (ISO 9001:2008). Policy Research strives for quality in terms of both content and form of its reports and presentations, as in the execution of projects and the treatment of clients.