Hull Vane BV is the sole licensed producer of the patented Hull Vane®, a submerged wing at the transom to improve the performance and seakeeping of ships. In the early 2000’s the Hull Vane® was developed for the Formula 1 of sailing, the America’s Cup. Hull Vane BV has been operating as an independent company since 2014.

Our conviction
We master hydrodynamics and we believe ships can always be better, safer, more comfortable and more efficient.

The Hull Vane® is a proven energy saving and seakeeping device for medium-speed displacement vessels, such as patrol vessels and naval ships. Each Hull Vane® is custom-designed for a ship to achieve the highest level of performance.

  • Higher top speed & higher range speed
  • Optimised performance and seakeeping
  • Improved efficiency results in less noise and less generated waves

The Hull Vane® is a proven solution to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of naval ships by 5 to 26%. It also leads to a significant improvement of the comfort, safety and operability in waves of Offshore Patrol vessels, Corvettes, Frigate,
Mine-countermeasure vessels and various support ships. The Hull Vane® dampens the pitching and rolling motions of a ship. In 2019, Hull Vane BV has launched an active version together with technology partner Naiad Dynamics, called Dynamic Hull Vane®. Over 35 Hull Vanes have now been built and the concept is more than proven with before and after trials and intensive use in the commercial sector.

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