Sustainable & Hybrid Special Fire Fighting Systems; FiFi4Marine (F4M) offers a complete range of fire extinguisher equipment and standalone systems based on a patented compressed air & water/foam mixing process.

This compressed air and liquid mixing process is called CAFS (Compressed Air Foam Systems). F4M uses a unique and patented version of CAFS which results in an ultra-compact dry foam with proven extreme cooling capacity compared to the use of water. The high cooling efficiency makes it possible to use a 100% Biodegradable and ecological foam concentrate that is free of the classic Fluor’s or other chemicals resulting in a non-toxic, non-polluting and non-corrosive fire extinguishing method which preserves Human and Wildlife and because of being non-corrosive, prevents collateral damage to equipment and structures and therefore reduces downtime to a minimum.

The F4M ECO CAFS systems are fire-lab tested and approved by DNV-GL, the Danish Maritime Authorities, the Norwegian Maritime Authorities and since last week accepted by RINA.

F4M is active member of the DNV-GL JDP group which is setup with key companies of the International marine Industry to test and define the best fire extinguisher solutions for Lithium battery energy storages in Maritime and land-based applications.

In the DNV-GL JDP Lithium fire and propagation tests were also competing systems as water sprinkler, water-mist (High-Fog), extinguisher gas medium (NOVEC) and direct water injection included, the F4M ECO CAFS systems were exceling and actually the only fifi system passing the fire and propagation tests.

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