Elfa is an expert in batteries and lighting. Elfa has a solution to every question in this field or will develop one. As a renowned wholesale business, Elfa supplies top products of large brands in primary, secondary batteries, flashlights and headlights. The core range includes some 3,500 different items.

The product range
The complete product range of Elfa is at least five times as large as the core range, for of all top brands it represents, Elfa can actually supply the entire range. These standard products are supplemented with custom products. The quality and safety of each product provided by Elfa must be proven before being added to the range. In addition, all products must be complementary to the existing supply before being added to the range.

Custom solutions
Elfa has a broad and deep range, covering over 90 % of the demand. In addition, Elfa also provides custom solutions developed for each customer specifically. Sometimes this concerns adjustments to existing products, but just as often completely new products are developed on the basis of the enormous expertise that has been built up here in over a century Elfa can advise about the total cost of ownership based on its market knowledge, price knowledge and lifetime calculations. Especially when Elfa is involved in product development at an early stage, it can make a valuable contribution to the quality of the end product.

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