ProQares: your partner in protection


When protective equipment is required, you want only the best. ProQares helps to ensure that users can rely on their CBRN protective products under critical work conditions.

In our laboratory in The Netherlands we provide comprehensive global testing services for Personal Protective Equipment such as respiratory protective devices, chemical protective clothing, gloves and boots as well as COLPRO units. ProQares delivers more than just a standard test report. Our specialists are also able to guide you through the test results and support you in its interpretation. Whether to achieve compliance with industrial or military standards, to pass acceptance tests in the procurement of new equipment or to give your organisation confidence in the quality of equipment in stock: we are your helping hand.

Our company is built upon years of experience and specialized knowledge. With state-of-the-art equipment and access to chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and a wide range of industrial chemicals ProQares is a leading expert in material swatch testing, system testing and on-site testing. We can even develop tailor-made tests according to your specifications and requirements. And together with the responsible quality and safety expert, ProQares can set up a dedicated quality program for the future as well.

As a result, companies and governments worldwide rely on our high standard of knowledge and high quality data. our flexible, independent and fast data delivery has resulted in exceptional trust from manufacturers and end-users.