Founded in 1989, Refitech has a proven track record in the engineering and series production of industrial composite components. The company delivers tailored components for various markets, including defence & law enforcement, but also Machine building, UAVs and Aerospace and the Automotive Industry.

With a strong focus on quality and traceability, Refitech works according to established quality protocols based on ISO 9001:2015 certification on a daily basis. All customer projects are started under a mutual NDA and customer ideas and concepts are handled completely confidentially. Project reports, planning and Q&A documents will be supplied in Refitech’s own format, but can be adapted to customer requirements. Refitech is open to co-invest on the basis of long-term contracts, as well as delivery and supply chain agreements.

Because engineering rules for carbon composites differ from those for more traditional materials such as steel and Aluminium, clients often involve us at an early stage in the design of innovative products. An engineering question is first assessed by our own design engineers for producibility and feasibility, after which the design process is started in close cooperation with the customer.

Refitech works with both prepreg material and dry fibres and has multiple production processes in house, including autoclave, hot-press, RTM and vacuum infusion. The appropriate production method is selected based on the product specifications and requirements of our customers, with a strong focus on consistently high quality series or batch production.

Some examples from the Defense & law enforcement market include lightweight parts for personal protective gear, field equipment, parts for drones and tactical vehicles and various panel solutions. Additional services include composite engineering, prototyping, mould production, component assembly (including interfaces) and inserts. In addition, components can be CNC finished using water jet cutting and/or milling.

In addition to it specialized production of 3 dimensional made-to-measure, customer specific components, Refitech offers a range of standard carbon fibre products like sheets, round and square tubes with associated connectors and telescopic tubes. These standard products can be purchased directly online via

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