Sun Test Systems designs, manufactures and services a wide range of mobile and stationary hydraulic Aircraft Ground support Equipment (AGE) and multifunction GSE (Ground Support Equipment) for use on various aircraft and helicopters.

For more than 45 years Sun’s continuous research resulted e.g. in the Gas in Oil-system (GiO), which is capable to measure the amount of free gas in an Aircraft hydraulic system.
by the GermanThis system is succesfully used Airforce. Sun became a specialist in removing gas out of Aircraft hydraulic systems. Sun also introduced the Thermo-Dynamic-Measurement system measure efficiency of built-in hydraulic components.

Sun introduced various types of multifunction GSE which reduces footprints significantly and improves Aircraft servicing efficiency, e.g. the MFAGE, a servicing trailer providing electrical power, hydraulics, pneumatics, lighting, nitrogen etc. for various Aircraft and helicopters and the MFASS, performing engine wash, fuselage wash and de-icing for various helicopters and small Aircraft.

Sun Test Systems supplies worldwide to military forces and aircraft industries. Main customers are the MoD of Germany, the UK, Australia, the UAE, and aircraft OEMs like Boeing and AgustaWestland.

Sun Test Systems is certified according ISO 9001:20 compliance with AQAP-2110 edition 3:2009.

Apart from GSE, Sun Test Systems also designs, manufactures and services industrial rolling roads (Roller-testers) for End-of-line testing of passenger cars, buses and trucks. Main customers are Volvo, Scania, Mack Trucks, Renault.

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