Winning Supply Chains are responsive to change, adaptable and cost efficient.
At Slimstock we dedicate all our time and know-how to ensuring our customers have the best tools, to outperform their competition.

We believe that having a winning Supply Chain is not just necessary for survival, but that it has a big impact on profitability and sustainability.

The starting point for stock optimisation is using the right software. Slim4 is a dedicated tool developed to manage stock levels at all stocking locations in your supply chain. More than 1.000 companies across the Globe have experienced the benefits of combining lower stocks with higher service levels. On top of that, Slim4 delivers significant gains in planning efficiency and supplies you with all information required to make the best purchasing decisions.

After many years of implementing stock optimisation software, we concluded that the key to success lies in combining best of breed solutions with in-depth knowledge about the impact of inventory. The result is well aligned processes, systems and personnel. Slimstock Professionals supports companies with trained personnel, education, coaching programs and business analysis.