Safety Masters is manufacturer and supplier of Personal Protection clothing focussing on Military, Firefighting , Police and the Oil and gas industry. Our products are made of high-performance fabrics.

Safety Masters strength lies within the potential to create and produce any customized design and any order size desired for our customers .
We are a total safety supplier and are capable of delivering the complete equipment to ensure the users safety. BSST is an independent owner operated company. We have been developing and producing body armor solutions for the last 20 years, with an emphasis on personalized solutions for protection against ballistic, stab and blow threats. Together with our partner companies, we are able to offer our customers individual concepts and premium solutions. Common sense is the basis of our decision making: our flexibility and unbureaucratic structure allow us to respond to the requirements of our customers. Our reputation as an honest and reliable partner, our business management mindset, focusing on long term planning, sustainability and economic stability are the result. Since the foundation of the company in 2003, Safety Masters has established a steady growth and a good reputation as a garment maker in the Personal Protection market due to our in-house knowledge, ambition and flexibility. We see developing new products as a challenge to meet the personal needs of the customer. Customization and flexibility are part of our Business DNA. Our priority is to ensure the safety of the user with the focus on quality, personalized customer service and value for money.

Business goals& strategy
Our export ambitions lie in enlarge worldwide , especially on the Military, Firefighting and Police. Our strategy is to keep growing and expanding our business to
inter national markets. By using our knowledge, the ongoing search for market opportunities and our ambition to keep moving as a company specialised in personal protection clothing, we are confident to achieve this goal. Safety Masters is located in the southern of the Netherlands. Our company is settled in an highly industrialized region and one of the most knowledge intensive areas in Europe. The area is known as an innovation and knowledge region and is home of the Technical University, Design Academy and the High Tech Campus Eindhoven.