Royal NLR is a leading international research centre for civil and military aerospace research, technology development, test and evaluation (RDT&E). NLR thereby bridges the gap between research and practical applications, while working for both government and industry in the Netherlands and abroad.

NLR stands for practical and innovative solutions, technical expertise and a long-term design vision. This allows NLR’s cutting-edge technology to find its way into successful aerospace programs of OEMs like Airbus, Embraer and Pilatus, and (defence) programs such as ESA’s IXV re-entry vehicle, the F-35, Apache-helicopters and European programs such as SESAR and Clean Sky 2.

NLR can offer you access to state-of-the-art facilities and our unique experience for RDT&E. We help you with de-risking your product introduction and bridging the valley of death by facilitating RDT&E. We can support you with prototyping, establishing pilot factories, and initial production runs up to sustainment.

Some of our programs and facilities

  • Pilot factory for thick walled composites.
  • Additive Manufacturing with industry driven workshops Wind tunnels covering a large spectrum from low speed to supersonic.
  • World leading for advanced wind tunnel models.
  • Training and simulation facilities and concepts.
  • Facilities for RDT&E of drones/RPAS, drone operation and counter drones.
  • Programs for future Air and Space power development.
  • Programs for rapid development and future factory set ups.

Royal NLR has been an ambitious, knowledge-based organization for a hundred years now. Together with our partners, we can help shape the fascinating world of tomorrow.