Nefab Packaging Netherlands BV is part of the Nefab Group, a global industrial packaging manufacturer. The group employs over 3000 people of which 200 highly skilled multi-material packaging engineers.

Nefab operates from two locations in the Netherlands. One in the middle of the Netherlands in Voorthuizen and the other location in Son. Our ISTA-certified Packaging Engineering Center and Test lab is located in Son, this helps us to develop and test a substantial amount of these multi-material solutions. Nefab Packaging always strives to create functional and cost-effective packaging while minimizing environmental impact and maximizing efficiency.

Nefab Packaging is a global provider of packaging solutions for governments agencies (NATO) and multinationals in the Telecom, Energy, Vehicle, Healthcare Equipment, Military and Aerospace industries.
Nefab Packaging core highlights

  • In-house packaging solutions
    We develop, test and produce custom-made and standardized packaging. Our engineers develop smart, functional and multi-material solutions which can thoroughly tested in our certified ISTA testing laboratories prior to production. All our packaging is aimed at providing maximum (product) functionality and strives for last mile optimization.
  • NATO supplier
    We are a tier one supplier for some of the largest NATO military forces in the world offering a multitude of (highly customized) defense packaging solutions abiding to the various standards and norms set by: NATO (Stanag), MIL-STD & MIL-SPEC, ISTA/ ASTM, Dangerous Goods, NEN and ISO.

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