KPN Critical Communications, as a KPN division, helps to make society safer by ensuring that everyone gets connected when every second counts. Safety is part of our DNA.

We stay on our toes and make life easier for staff working in public safety, defense, industry, transport and the maritime sector by connecting them through our know-how, experience and robust and innovative services, 24 hours a day. We have a full understanding of safety: no one is better able – under all circumstances – to take end-to-end control of designing, installing, managing and maintaining vital communication systems.

KPN Critical Communications is a division of KPN, the #1 supplier of tele-communications and ICT services in the Netherlands. With over 150 employees, KPN Critical Communications combines the flexibility, initiative and personal approach of a small organization with the clout of the KPN group. Our knowledge and experience in the field combined with our willingness to come up with solutions for the entire sector enable us to provide service 24/7. We have the capacity and the means to be innovative and to act decisively. Safety comes first at KPN Critical Communications. We have years of experience with Private Mobile Radio, C2000 (emergency services communications system), 112 (emergency telephone number), NCV (national emergency network), and Amber Alert. With our commitment and helpfulness we ensure that essential communication works and keeps working. We guarantee continuity and understand that every second counts.

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