Kelvin Hughes Nederland/HENSOLDT is a pioneer of technology and innovation in the field of defense and security electronics.

HENSOLDT’s areas of activity include the protection of borders and critical infrastructures, air defense, airborne self-protection, vehicle and convoy protection, signal intelligence and data links, as well as night vision, thermal imaging, laser range finding and optronic targeting. Furthermore, our portfolio comprises mission avionics equipment, such as avionics computers, mission planning devices and situational awareness systems for helicopters. With its wide-ranging product portfolio HENSOLDT addresses customers in the defense and security domains, covering the whole spectrum for air, sea and land missions. Our solutions are deployed on various platforms, including helicopters, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, ships and submarines, armored vehicles as well as satellites.


The sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT combines under one roof various mission-critical sensor technologies, which ensure a substantial improvement in detection capabilities when used in combination. HENSOLDT dominates all the key technological fields and focuses in particular on the central categories: sensors and protection. We are forging ahead with the development of these key technologies and, by doing so, contribute to the protection of soldiers, security staff and critical infrastructure.