Defenture BV is a dynamic military mobility solutions company, developing and producing light tactical vehicles. The company is made up of a wide range of professionals, with a background in, and knowledge of the automotive and defence industries. Defenture focuses on innovation, design, mobility and safety. It creates product solutions, in close cooperation with the best strategic partners, working interactively with military clients.

Due to the Defenture Modular Design Principle (DMDP) and its focus on standardization, Defenture offers varied tailored vehicle solutions, based on the innovative scalable modular platforms. All Defenture products are designed to the latest military and engineering standards.

GRF 5.12
The Ground Force Vehicle platform with its ultra-strong central spine chassis allows for military mobility solutions at the highest level. Lightweight, powerful with outstanding off-road characteristics; the GRF offers a large operational payload whilst the DMDP technique allows the base platform to be configured into any number of bodywork variants to suit different requirements.

Scorpion 6.6
The Tactical Army Diesel Quad is developed by W-Tec B.V. and designed for the high demanded military 1-fuel policy. It has a powerful diesel 4×4 driveline, a state of the art suspension system, a unique 4-wheel steering system. The standard configuration can be upgraded with various options to meet User requirements.
Providing safety and mobility for military, law enforcement and specialist units carrying out demanding missions in challenging environments, a Defenture Vehicle is built to be a mission winning asset. Innovative design, strong lightweight construction techniques and cutting edge driving characteristics create unbeatable mobility. In short DEFENTURE CREATES MOBILITY

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