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Engaging the Dutch industry

The NIDV actively strives to get Dutch companies involved with the Ministry of Defence and public safety organisations both domestically and abroad. We do this by advising on how to best conduct tenders and by informing and facilitating our members for these projects as a platform.

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The NIDV regularly organises masterclasses which allow the participants to speak to representatives from the armed forces and police. Aside from these, the NIDV also organizes in-depth sessions and masterclasses regarding subjects like European tendering or finance.

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International activities

The NIDV organises opportunities for its members to improve their chances internationally. The NIDV facilitates participation in international exhibitions and conferences, matchmaking events with International Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), and meetings related to international opportunities.

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Cyber Resilience

With the Cyber Resilience project, the NIDV strives to create opportunities for the companies specializing in the digital sector of the defence and security industry. With the aid of subsidies from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate’s Digital Trust Center, a register was implemented listing the companies providing reliable hardware or software services.

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Prior notice of call for tenders

The NIDV regularly sends out a prior notice of upcoming calls for tenders from the Ministry of Defence. This gives NIDV members an advantage as it informs them ahead of time of the calls for tenders that will be posted on Negometrix or Tendernet. If you are an NIDV member and would like to be informed of these calls, please contact us at

Defence Priorities and Allocation System

If you are intending to do business with the American Department of Defence, it could be advantageous for you to join the Defence Priorities and Allocation System (NL-DPAS). Companies who join this Code of Conduct will be better positioned to close deals with the American Ministry of Defence.

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European Defence Fund for entrepeneurs

On this page you will find all the required information to register for this year’s EDF calls and what the NIDV and RVO can do to assist you. The NIDV does not restrict this service to member companies, but unaffiliated companies and organisations as well.

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