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The NIDV enables its members to improve existing ties and forge new connections internationally. The NIDV facilitates international trade show participation, matchmaking events with international Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and various meetings focussing on international opportunities. Participation in both domestic and international trade fairs is organized in close consultation and collaboration with various partners, such as the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defence, and Economics and Climate are involved in many activities.

International events and projects

The NIDV participates in various events around the globe. In the face of the pandemic, many trade fair participations are still uncertain, but efforts are being made to limit the risks to participants as much as possible. Many of our international events are held online.

Partners for International Business

The Partners for International Business (PIB) program enables Dutch companies to realize their international ambitions in a public-private partnership. Doing business abroad is not always easy. Companies may have to deal with trade barriers, insufficient knowledge among local authorities and companies, or unfavorable local legislation. The PIB program strengthens our international ties and allows for new opportunities for Dutch industry and new foreign partners.

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The European Defence Fund (EDF)

The European Defence Fund (EDF) is a large program of the European Commission (EC) to stimulate cooperation amongst the European defence industry and scientific institutions. The EDF presents opportunities for the Dutch defence and security sector, both for large players as for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME’s). Internationally, the NIDV offers a gateway into the Dutch defence and security industry and will be facilitating cooperation between Dutch and other interested European partners. The NIDV and Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) offer their services to all interested parties in the Netherlands, including non-NIDV members.

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The NIDV participates in the EU-ALLIANCE II from 2021 to 2023. This European project aims to strengthen the position of European SMEs in the international market in the field of technical textiles, connectivity, and advanced materials in “dual-use” markets in four targeted countries; the United States, Canada, Japan, and Indonesia. The project will significantly strengthen cluster- and business network cooperation across borders and sectoral boundaries. The duration of this project is two years.

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