Knowledgeable, motivated, and rooted in defense and security. This is how the employees of the NIDV can be described best. Each with its portfolio, they form one team to represent the interests of the NIDV participants. You can contact the specialists directly by email or telephone, or contact our secretariat that will help you further.

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Dep. Director and Business Development Manager Naval

Maarten Lutje Schipholt

E: m.lutjeschipholt@nidv.eu
Areas of Interest

Business Development Manager Flying Systems

Peter Huis in’t Veld

E: p.huisintveld@nidv.eu
Areas of Interest

Business Development Manager IT

Harry de Groot

E: h.degroot@nidv.eu
Areas of Interest

Advisor Public Affairs and Communication

Matthijs Olde

E: m.olde@nidv.eu
Areas of Interest

Sr. Manager EU Government Affairs

Harriët Slager

E: h.slager@nidv.eu
Areas of Interest