Why the Netherlands?

The Netherlands prides itself as an attractive destination for international cooperation and business. The Netherlands defence- and security industry offers world leading products and technologies for an attractive price. Moreover, the NIDV, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, and the Ministry of Defence supports international cooperation and business opportunities.

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Gateway to Europe

Being a outward-looking country with a strong international and European foothold, the Netherlands is chosen by many international companies as their seat in Europe. The government offers an attractive fiscal climate. The country has modern legislation and a stable business climate.

Effective & efficient

Dutch industry has a strong tradition of delivering both effective and efficient solutions. Close cooperation between knowledge institutions, government and industry has created an ecosystem in which solutions are realised on competitive budgets.

Superior infrastructure

The Netherlands prides itself with extensive infrastructure for goods and travelers. The harbors, airports, roads and rail networks are among the best in the world and ensure good connectivity to Europe and anywhere else.

Creative & innovative environment

The Netherlands has a long and strong tradition of developing innovative projects around the world. With a basis of world-class universities and knowledge institutions the Netherlands ranks amongst the most innovative countries in the world.

International business climate

The Netherlands is well-positioned in Europe.  A wide variety of factors make the Netherlands a favoured location for many global companies. The country’s professional population is well-educated, highly trained, and internationally oriented.

Competitieve fiscal system

The Netherlands offers attractive fiscal regulations and prepositions to foreign companies.

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