Trade Promotion

The NIDV supports its members in both national and international markets in as many ways as possible. From participation in international projects, international trade fair visits to programmes with government support. You can find more information about these initiatives below.

Internationale projecten

The NIDV organises various opportunities for our members to improve their chances internationally. We facilitate participation in international exhibitions and conferences, matchmaking events with international Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and general meetings regarding international opportunities.

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Exhibitions and Trade Missions

Participation in international exhibitions and conferences is organized in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. The government primarily supports this by, with help from the Dutch Enterprises Agency (RVO), organizing a Dutch pavilion and hospitality lounge. Aside from exhibitions and conferences, the NIDV actively participates in various international projects.

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Partners for International Business (PIB)

Partners for International Business (PIB) is a program through which Dutch companies can realize their international ambitions through a public-private cooperation. Doing business abroad is not always easy. It presents unique situations like trade barriers, a lack of familiarity with the local government and companies, or detrimental local legislation. Cooperating with other companies from the Defence and Security sector and the Dutch government can ensure a stronger position for your company.

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Alliance II

De NIDV neemt van 2021 tem 2023 deel aan EU-ALLIANCE II, dit Europese project heeft als doel om het MKB te ondersteunen op de internationale markt op het gebied van technisch textiel, connectiviteit en geavanceerde materialen op “dual use” markten in vier beoogde landen, t.w: Verenigde Staten, Canada, Japan en Indonesië.

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Due to the unique cooperation with the Dutch government, opportunities are created for the Dutch industry
Peter Huis in ’t Veld, Business Development Manager Lucht

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