The NIDV offers coordination for  Partners for International Business (PIB) initiatives. This afternoon, we proudly signed a third agreement aimed at a new reliable partner country: South Korea.

A PIB is an public-private initiative that helps Dutch companies and research institutes realise their cross-border ambitions. Doing business internationally can be challenging because of inexperience or lack of local contacts. A PIB involves a 2-to-3-year plan, in which the NIDV and the Dutch government work together to highlight the qualities of the participating organisations, build their profiles, and build an international network. The Netherlands Entreprise Agency (RVO) offers co-funding to these activities.

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The new PIB starts with thirteen participants from the defense and security sector; a good start with room for expansion. The PIB has a three-year term in which companies,  participate in international exhibitions, matchmaking, webinars and other activities aimed at international cooperation with the support of the NIDV and Dutch government.

The agreement was signed this afternoon at the ever hospitable RVO in The Hague, for which we are very grateful.

Should you wish to participate in the PIB South Korea, or the two other PIBs coordinated by the NIDV, please contact us.

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