This year the NEDS is back and bigger than ever. There is a lot of enthusiasm from our exhibitors, visitors, and NIDV staff. Registration for our visitors will open again in September and we hope to see you in Rotterdam on 17 November 2022. Thales Netherlands is acting as sponsor and the theme this year is “Netherlands on the Radar”.


Thanks to the succes of previous years, the NEDS has grown enormously and the international character has also increased significantly, despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19.

The NIDV has therefore decided to book a second hall at Ahoy, Rotterdam for the NEDS this year. This offers many opportunities, more space for our guests and more room for new stands.

If you are interested in using this new space and having a stand at the NEDS, please contact us via

The NIDV Innovation Challenge has been separated from the NEDS and will now take place as a separate event on 18 May.

You can find more information on our NEDS website.

Latest news

News: 30-06-2022

Approval for PIB America and PIB South-Korea

The NIDV is accutely aware of the importance of international trade for the Dutch economy in general and the Defence and Security sector in particular. One of the ways in which the NIDV promotes the market position of the Dutch Defence and Security Industry is by participating in Partners for International Business (PIB) Initiatives. The NIDV already played a coordinating role in two successful initiatives with Malaysia and Singapore, first, and Greece, second. Now we are pleased to announce that we are joining two new initiatives with South Korea and the United States.

News: 30-06-2022

The Dutch Defence and Security Sector at Eurosatory

For one week during Eurosatory, Defence and Security companies present their goods and services for innumerable foreign delegations to explore. This trade fair, opened by president Macron, can be of great benefit to both small and large companies.

News: 30-06-2022

NIDV Press Release Defence White Paper 2022: Stronger Netherlands, Safer Europe

Politicians are serious about ensuring peace and security. This is evident from the Defence White Paper 2022, which the NIDV welcomes. The NATO standard of 2% GNP will be met, allowing the Ministry of Defence and its partners to fulfil their constitutional tasks: not a goal in itself, but a financial minimum for peace and security. Thus, security professionals not only get the money but also the means to do their job. More than ever, the Ministry of Defence seeks cooperation with the industry, society, and Europe. The defence and security sector with its companies and knowledge institutions is ready to take up the gauntlet. The challenges are great, but the government is not alone. (Photo credits:
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