Hospitainer started as a one-man business with the ideal goal to bring basic health care to people who do not have this for various reasons. Examples are rural areas, countries affected by war or places that have to deal with the violence of mother nature.

Hospitainer has now grown into a sustainable social company that has mobile hospitals on several continents. All of these, with at the base a shipping container, converted into a medical unit.

Since the start 10 years ago, Hospitainer has worked for a big variety of clients.
The clientele differs from Ministries; health or defense, to NGO’s; international and national. Hospitainer is not only the provider of the structure, but puts in all expertise on medicine, consumables and even partners with big companies who deliver staff, worldwide. Apart from single rapid projects, Hospitainer also works with programs. This part of the company aims on long term solutions in rural areas, that can build up and supply a whole community in different fields of care. We have started a new program called Healthy Villages in Indonesia and Colombia. Next to the clinics in villages, we offer other solutions with our partners in the area of education, nutrition and other needed services.

Products, all available with consumables, medicine, training and maintenance

Field Hospitals 20/50/100/200 beds All services provided
Dental care Mobile, semi mobile Also surgical capacity available
Maternal care Mobile, semi permanent C-Section options available
Primary care Mobile, semi permanent From basic to level 2
Testing labs Containerized and in tent Ebola, Covid ao infectious diseases
Isolation centers Tented or containerized Adjusted especially for the cause
Operating theater Tented or containerized Quick set-up solutions, within 1 hr
Vessel On ship or pontoons Suitable for any solution