High Eye is a SME that designs, builds and sells unmanned helicopters. Our long range VTOL UAV, the Airboxer, has a great performance and a small footprint.

Key points of our Airbox

  • > 3 hours endurance
  • 5 kg payload
  • 25 – 30 kg Maximum Take-Off Weight
  • 25 km line of sight range from vessel, 50 km range above land
  • IP-67 water / dust resistant
  • EMI-shielded
  • ITAR free
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Encrypted MIMO Datalink
  • Flexible payload capability
  • EASA compliant Pilot Operations Handbook, Maintenance Manual etc.
  • On line and off line training for pilots and maintenance engineers
  • Time between overhauls (TBO) 1,000 hours

Designed and built by engineers and manned aviation pilots. Privately owned and run by a seasoned entrepreneur and its management, which makes doing business personal and dedicated.

The Airboxer is a very handy (light and small) VTOL UAV that is very capable of missions the toughest conditions above the sea, in the artic, in the desert and, of course, above land.

Platform NPVS | NMC