The most challenging requirements are set for naval ships. As a result, naval vessels must be able to sail anywhere in the world in short term, including regions with extreme climates far from the supply lines.

Heinen & Hopman has long-established and wide ranging practical experience in the maritime field. We also provide global coverage and 24-7 service availability thanks to major service points and spare part depots around the world. All components used in Heinen & Hopman units are subject to shock and vibration criteria and can be mounted on absorbers. Heinen & Hopman’s specializations are diverse and vary from heating systems to heat recovery systems and from ventilation systems to provision cooling.

Examples of products are:

  • NBC filter installation
  • Shock-resistant chiller units
  • Booster coolers
  • Central air handling units
  • Local fan coil units
  • Self-contained units
  • Steam humidifier
  • Air distribution grilles
  • Fire, smoke and other air dampers
  • Explosion-proof ventilation/AC units for ammunition storage
  • Cooling units for storing food and waste
  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) components

Heinen & Hopman has equipped, among others, the following naval ships abroad:

  • Sigma PKR 10514 class frigates
  • Diponegoro class frigates
  • Sigma FMMM class frigates
  • Car Nicobar class patrol ships
  •  El Mellah training vessel
  • MV Sycamore training vessel
  • HMNZ Canterbury amphibious transport ship
  • A range of patrol vessels for the Middle East, Caribbean, Asia, Europe and Africa
  • Mine hunters for a North African Navy

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