Specialist in wireless communication onboard ships


The IP Company is a leading developer in the field of wireless communication systems, with more than 20 years of experience in developing communication systems.

The IP Company has developed a system that enables wireless situation awareness. The HNLMS Holland Class OPV and the HNLMS Karel Doorman JJS of the Royal Netherlands Navy are equipped with the Wireless Communication & Messaging System (WCMS). This system makes everyday communication more efficient and ensures telephony and messaging in critical situations.

The right information to the right people, fast and secure on their smartphone or tablet.

In case of a fire on board. Wouldn’t it be efficient to have the correct crew members notified in an instant and automatically place them in a group call to effectively respond to the situation?


All major ship components are equipped with a sensor that sent autonomous status information to the platform management system on board. The WCMS ensures that messages and calls are automatically directed to the correct crew member(s) on duty.

● Voice communication

Facilitates internal and external voice communication. Crew members can communicate in multiple (group) conversations simultaneously.

● Damage control messaging

Directly notifies crew members in case of emergencies. Alarms and warnings are sent to the correct crew members on duty via secure smartphones or tablets.

● Predictive maintenance messaging

Know exactly when machines need maintenance. The system delivers task messages to the responsible crewmembers on duty.

Location based services (Machine Learning based)

● Locate crew members in case of emergencies. Be certain there are no crew members left behind when, for example, they’re closing off a compartment.

● Locate critical assets anytime any where. No more endless searching for expensive or essential assets, get notified when assets are used and save on maintenance.

Dedication and Customisation

The dedicated team at The IP Company will work along with the client to offer the best solution in every situation. Close collaboration and short lines of communication make The IP Company a great partner. The IP Company is fully committed to support Naval projects across the globe. Our intelligent system makes communication on board efficient, effective and safe.