Leading the way to suborbital space


T-Minus Engineering is a vertically integrated rocket design, manufacturing, and launch company. In the years since foundation in 2011, over 75 rockets have been launched from countries all over the world, by the team of specialists in aerospace, electronics, and manufacturing fields.

The company offers unique capabilities in the field of rocket development and production, amongst them the in-house production of solid rocket propellant and -motors using high- strength composite materials, development of rugged on-board electronics and aerodynamic/flight simulation and analysis.

The Defense market is increasingly important to T-Minus due to the increased reliance on and interest in the space domain by various countries.

T-Minus is an agile, fast-moving company that can tailor vehicles and missions to the desire of the customer. Rockets provide two unique capabilities: reaching high speeds and reaching high altitudes and space. The company supplies and operates a range of rockets that reach hypersonic speeds and maximum altitudes anywhere between 1 and 250 km. It also provides the capability to innovate and produce new vehicles that are suited to the latest desires of a customer. This does not only provide quick and easy access to space, but also the ability to train and test with rockets as (radar)training targets for ballistic missile defense and ground-based air defense. Reaching a customer’s target is our mission success.