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News: 30-06-2022

The Dutch Defence and Security Sector at Eurosatory

For one week during Eurosatory, Defence and Security companies present their goods and services for innumerable foreign delegations to explore. This trade fair, opened by president Macron, can be of great benefit to both small and large companies.

News: 30-06-2022

NIDV Press Release Defence White Paper 2022: Stronger Netherlands, Safer Europe

Politicians are serious about ensuring peace and security. This is evident from the Defence White Paper 2022, which the NIDV welcomes. The NATO standard of 2% GNP will be met, allowing the Ministry of Defence and its partners to fulfil their constitutional tasks: not a goal in itself, but a financial minimum for peace and security. Thus, security professionals not only get the money but also the means to do their job. More than ever, the Ministry of Defence seeks cooperation with the industry, society, and Europe. The defence and security sector with its companies and knowledge institutions is ready to take up the gauntlet. The challenges are great, but the government is not alone. (Photo credits: Defensie.nl)
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News: 14-06-2022

National Defence Industry Associations meetup at Eurosatory

The directors of several sister associations of the NIDV, National Defence Industry Associations (NDIAs) share a monthly discussion on current events. Eurosatory is a great opportunity to break the online pattern. Please meet the NDIA directors of: Austria; Finland; Sweden; Denmark; Norway; Latvia; Belgium; Greece; Portugal; and Ireland.

News: 27-05-2022

In Memoriam John Jansen

With the passing of John Jansen, we lose a family man, a defence expert and a fine colleague. His activities since the 1980s have been characterised by equipment cooperation. Especially in the office of the Dutch National Armaments Director, his international attitude came into its own. Through his two placements in Brussels, his international orientation was formed. He helped shape the current NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA). He also had a special significance in the establishment of the Western European Armaments Group and the European Defence Agency (EDA).

News: 10-05-2022

NEDS 2022 on 17 November

This year’s NEDS is back and bigger than ever. There is a lot of enthusiasm from our exhibitors, visitors and NIDV staff. Registration for our visitors will open in September and we hope to see you in Rotterdam on 17 November 2022. Thales Netherlands is acting as sponsor.

News: 29-03-2022

Foreign Comparative Testing: applying innovation in the US

On Tuesday, March 22, NIDV attendees received a briefing from the U.S. armed forces on its “Foreign Comparative Testing” program, and its benefits to interested companies.

News: 29-03-2022

European Defence Challenge 2nd Edition

The European Defence Challenge is an open competition to attract young talent to the Defence industry and to encourage them to initiate a career in defence-related technologies.

News: 29-03-2022

NIDV congratulates new ministers of Cabinet Rutte IV

The NIDV congratulates the new Minister of Defense Kajsa Ollongren and State Secretary of Defense Christophe van der Maat on their swearing in by H.M. the King. “We look forward to working with the new cabinet to further strengthen the Dutch defense and security sector and contribute to our collective security,” said Ron Nulkes, NIDV Director.