Over 22 representatives of international OEMs and 92 Dutch companies met with each other during the annual NIDV Industrial Participation Day. The main purpose of the day was to bring companies together and allow them to get to know each other so they could explore industrial participation opportunities together. The plenary program on June 6th consisted of presentations from the NIDV and Ministries of Economic Affairs and Climate. The core of the event, however, was the many B2B meetings planned through the B2Match tool between foreign OEMs and the Dutch Defence and Security Industry. The IP day is still one of the most effective and efficient NIDV events for the industry.

Industrial Participation (IP).

IP helps improve the market position of Dutch producers in the defence market. If the Ministry of Defence orders military goods abroad, the Dutch government can request Industrial Participation in certain cases. The foreign company is then required to place orders with Dutch producers. The Commissariat for Military Production (CMP) is responsible for Industrial Participation and supports the event. Also, the day provided opportunities to discuss, for instance, the various programmes under the European Defence Fund (EDF). At this stage, it remains highly relevant to liaise with (international) industry and other parties in this respect.

IP Day participants

Major foreign companies (OEMs) included Airbus, Leonardo, BAE systems, GE Energy, Rheinmetall, Kongsberg, Ultra Maritime, Embraer, Marshall, Telerob, Airbus, Boeing, Blücher and MAN. Furthermore, almost 45% of all NIDV member companies participated. A total of more than 216 B2B talks were held. There was also a lot of interaction with MINEZK/CMP representatives and among the Dutch companies themselves. To monitor the results and follow-up of the talks, an online survey will be sent to all participants. Logistics were also in excellent hands at Van der Valk’s Hoofddorp location.

NIDV IP Dag Lunch

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