TriOpSys is specialised in designing, building and managing Mission Critical IT Systems. These systems are essential to our customer’s operations and are available 24/7.

Examples of such systems are realtime air/road/vessel traffic management and control systems, command and control systems, and emergency and alarm centers. They support the daily activities of the police force, fire department, emergency services, the Ministry of Defence and the security industry. The professionals of TriOpSys can support you at any time in your IT project and for the entire life cycle of your system. From consulting to software development to 24/7 system management: we have the expertise, skills and experience. Our projects vary from scrum/agile projects to delivering fixed-price projects. In addition, we also provide support based on time hire or as a service.


  • Requirements and Use Case analysis
  • Software and infrastructure design
  • Process Analysis and Audits
  • Procurement Support
  • Full stack software development
  • Agile methods, Scrum, and DevOps
  • Systems Integration
  • Software testing, agile testing
  • Systems Management & Maintenance
  •  Security services
  • Consultancy services

Applications and Solutions

  • Command and Control systems
  • Data processing, data analysis and data fusion
  • Simulators and Trainers
  • Air/Road/Vessel traffic management and control systems
  • Decision support tools
  • Situational awareness
  • Remote sensing
  • Alarm Centers (PAC)
  • Security Management Systems (SMS)
  • Crowd monitoring

Certificate codes NEN-EN-ISO 9001 | NEN-ISO/IEC 27001 | NEN-EN-ISO 14001 | NEN 4400

Platform NIVP