Triangular Group Academy is a training and knowledge institute in the field of safety and resilience. With our extensive experience within the Dutch Special Forces, intelligence services and special Police units, we relieve government agencies by means of capacity building (education & training), advice and guidance.

We help our customers to be truly prepared for reality and thus contribute to a resilient society. Triangular Group Academy provides training and education for the Dutch armed forces and the police. The instructors of TGA are trained as military (SOF), Police (DKDB, AT, DSI, OT) or Marechaussee (BSB) to practice their specialism in the most challenging circumstances. Our instructors have extensive operational experience at home and abroad. This gives them a realistic training mentality where the instructors have a broad understanding of the trainees’ professional context. In addition to training, TGA also offers guidance and advice aimed at security and safety.

The way we work
TGA can provide instructors to fill capacity shortages in existing structures and training courses (in-company / insourcing). In addition, TGA has the capacity to provide full training in the field or on location (outsourcing). Our training methodology consists of the following phases:

Education | Testing | Training | Practice

Naturally, TGA also offers these phases separately to supplement an existing educational structure.