TNO Defensie en Veiligheid

About TNO

TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society in a sustainable way. This is our mission and it is what drives us, the over 3,400 professionals at TNO, in our work every day. We work in collaboration with partners and focus on nine domains, including Defence, Safety & Security.

We are partnered by some 3000 companies and organizations, including SMEs, both in the Netherlands and around the world. In the domain of Defence, Safety and Security we focus on a safe and secure society by creating innovations for war fighters in the armed forces, law-enforcement agencies, emergency services and industry. TNO Defence, Safety and Security has a long track record of successful projects in NATO, OPCW, EDA and EU programs like the predecessors of Horizon Europe and the European Defence Fund.


Certificate codes
ABDO 2006 (General Security Requirements for Defense Contracts by Dutch MoD) AQAP 110 (NATO)
GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)
ISO 9001-2008