About Technolution


Since Technolution’s inception, security and network security have been the core values of our company. Security should not just be considered as the lock on the door at the end of a project, but as a founding principle for every project. This way of thinking is deeply rooted in our DNA and it is interwoven into all our projects and products. Technolution has offices in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and the UK. Currently we have approximately 220 employees.

Technolution Prime
Under the brand name Technolution Prime we develop high assurance solutions, products and services for the secure exchange of information up to the highest governmental confidentiality levels. We are the technical market leader in the Netherlands for high assurance technology in fit-for-purpose solutions for customers in defense, safety and security. We have the knowledge and technology to protect classified data and guarantee secure communications.

Security made simple
Our products are approved by NBV (Dutch National Bureau for Connection Security) and integrate well with existing IT infrastructures. All of our products have a strong functional focus, which allows for relatively short development cycles. Due to the use of programmable logic and FPGAs, they offer high data speeds, high hacker resistance and enduring flexiblity. We offer solutions and products for secure data communications, domain separation, logging and monitoring and video integration.

Platform NIVP