Siemens in the Netherlands is part of Siemens AG, based in Berlin and Munich, Germany. World-wide, Siemens employs nearly 450,000 people. In the Netherlands, Siemens has been active for over 140 years.

With a turnover of EUR 1.5 billion Siemens is one of the largest electrical engineering and electronics companies in the Netherlands. For our defence customers, we combine Siemens technologies to execute projects in the area of training & simulation and customised ICT solutions. We also have extensive experience with the integration of electronic and communication equipment in vehicles and shelters.

CBT & Training

  • Computer Based Training/ Web Based Training
  • Tactical simulators for armoured fighting vehicles
  • Training simulators for anti-armour weapons
  • Training simulators for air-defence weapon systems
  • Small arms trainers

Communication technology

  • UMTS technology
  • New generation communication protocol SDH
  • DECT technology
  • ISDN telecommunication systems
  • Mobile communication networks
  • Digital communication systems
  • Satellite communication

Information technology

  • Computer(Access)networks
  • ATM networktechnology
  • IP netwerktechnologye
  • Secure communication with GSM technology
  • Secure communication with ISDN technology
  • Secure communication over mobile radio network

Innovation, flexibility and quality (Siemens is ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 certified) make Siemens a professional and reliable partner.

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