REASeuro offers solutions for all issues where explosives and UXO are part of the challenge. REASeuro has been supporting (inter-)national governments and private businesses with clear propositions for more than 20 years with all possible issues involving explosives.

In the field of explosives, REASeuro offers the most complete range of education and training in the Netherlands, both in the field of conventional and improvised explosives, onshore and offshore. We provide our training in classroom settings (both physical as streaming) but also online (via desktop or app), which enables the student to follow the course in the convenience of the student’s own setting and time. Advice
A Historical Research informs about the possibility of finding Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) within any project area. Our academically-schooled historians identify and review all acts of war that may have resulted in explosives being left behind in the project area.

Both onshore and offshore, REASeuro is the perfect partner for UXO research. From project plan to detection, clearance and release of the project location; REASeuro takes care of it.

Improvised Explosives (IEDs) education focusses on theoretical and practical preparation for the safe, effective and efficient handling of activities in case of bomb letters, bomb threats or actual discoveries of an explosive. In addition to education, we offer operational support through, among other things, preventive and targeted searches, the use of explosives detection dogs, support in case of calamities, intelligence, review of security plans and the like.

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