Microflown AVISA develops and markets applications that provide full acoustic situational awareness for the defense & security markets.

Enabler is the Microflown, the world’s first and only dedicated acoustic particle velocity sensor.

Several sorts of sensor nodes are available:

  • Acoustic Multi Mission Sensor (AMMS), for ground/vehicle/multicopter-based platforms
  • Acoustic Pointer, as a payload for fixed wing drones

These passive sensor nodes can be used:

  • Stand alone or networked
  • Under adverse weather conditions, such as fog, rain or lack of daylight

When loaded with the appropriate firm/software, the sensor nodes can be used to:

  • Detect
  • Locate
  • Track
  • Classify

All sorts of audible events/ platforms, such as:

  • Small arms fire
  • Rockets, artillery, mortars
  • Heavy ground vehicles
  • Propelled platforms (helicopters, drones, cruise missiles)

Platform NGP