InterDam: Fire and blast protective products and solutions to protect personnel and (critical) equipment.

InterDam Naval & Military our expertise and focus

InterDam has developed blast solution products for the Defence industry that concentrates on Navy ships and Army, Air and Naval bases. The Fire and Blast protective products and solutions protect personnel and critical (safety) equipment, preventing the escalation of events following Missile Impact and subsequent fire or impact damage. InterDam’s blast and fire technology has been an increasing focus point in terms of developing updates on existing designs, as well as new innovative high impact blast products for all kinds of Navy ships and Military complexes.


  • Explosion-resistant 10 bar, watertight and/or fire-rated doors and hatches
    tor the Naval Defence industry.
  • Explosion resistant 10 Bar Hinged and sliding doors for Army, Air and
    Naval bases Defence structures
  • InterDam, strength and USP’s:
  • Solid partnership and cooperation with professional bodies and knowledge centres
  • The ability to ‘invent’ and innovate
  • To develop new applications for new markets
  • R&D, embedded as a mature department within InterDam
  • ISO 9001 , OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001
  • Qualification, test and certification
  • From design, engineering and manufacturing to installation or supervision
    on site or at the yard: all under the management and control of InterDam
  • Experienced in work on high-tech projects for the world’s most demanding customers
  • In business for over 110 years

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