High Voltage Potting and Coating BV (HVPC) is a privately held company established in 2002. HVPC has the knowledge and experience to achieve the best HV solutions for your High Voltage issues. We facilitate in each production step starting from high level specifications to full assembly and testing. HVPC is ISO:9001 (2015) and ISO:14001 (2015) certified. Compliant with MIL standards and IPC-J-STD-001G.

Our own engineering department can support with the design of High Voltage related products or solutions on both electronic and mechanical level. All is done according to appropriate design rules, needed for High Voltage applications.

One of the main activities is potting electronics (under vacuum) to ensure that the High Voltage design works. This will result in reliable products with high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure). Several materials (epoxy, silicon and oil) are used for potting depending on the application
In the defence and avionics sector HVPC also applies parylene coating on electronic assemblies.

Parylene is a conformal coating with excellent moisture barrier properties. It is used to protect high end electronics to harsh environments. Parylene is also used in medical and space applications.

To ensure reliable High Voltage electronics with high MTBF and predictable lifetime we have our Partial Discharge measurement facility. Depending on the product different test cycles can be applied and voltages up to 60 KV DC and 30 KV AC.

Specific custom coils, transformers, and linear actuators can be produced (winding) for low to medium volumes. Our expertise is in special designs/ geometries and material.

At HVPC we are able to produce efficiently thanks to the in-house vertical integration of all our processes. This gives us the ability to produce efficiently and create High Voltage products of high quality.

From design to end-product HVPC can offer you a solution to your High Voltage applications.